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Chocolate Pizza
"The home of the chocolate pizza"

Chocolate Pizza

Many years ago (over a decade at the time of writing) Pizza Island invented the chocolate pizza. In fact, we weren't even Pizza Island back then. Our original Pizza Establishment and restaurant invented it, and were selling it for some time before we moved to Burnham-on-Crouch and opened Pizza Island, bringing the legendary Chocolate Pizza with us.

Over the years, many have tried to copy the sucess of the chocolate pizza. You can buy some variations in supermarkets, even Domino's now do a (very bad) version.

We strongly believe you won't beat the original and best chocolate pizza, and that is the version we at Pizza Island produce.

9" Chocolate Pizza

In fact, around 2015, it got so popular we had to start offering it in a bigger size and alongside the original 7" chocolate pizza, you can now get it in a 9" version!

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