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Terms and Conditions
"Important information"
Please read and accept before placing an order

We want your experience to be as pleasant as possible when ordering from us, so we just have a few terms and conditions that we need to agree on before we can accept your order

Any problems, mistakes or missing items

In event of any problems you agree to contact us immediately via telephone so we can come to an amicable decision on the appropriate action.

Where possible we will always seek to remedy any mistakes or missing items in a timely manner, or provide a refund where appropriate and agreed by both parties.

Pizza Island LTD cannot entertain any refunds, partial or fully for any problems, mistakes or missing items that are not reported immediately due to the nature of fresh products delivered.

We cannot replace missing or erroneous items on a future order unless they are reported at the time of receiving the order of which said missing goods are not present. Example: A delivery driver has forgotten a bottle of drink. You cannot place an order 2 weeks later and report the missing item and expect it free of charge. Even if no remedy is required at the time, you must report any missing goods and a credit will be noted on the system for you next time.

If, after investigation a missing or mistaken item claim is granted there are 3 options available depending on circumstances and agreement between the customer and Pizza Island LTD:

  • Replacement* of missing or erroneous item(s) in a timely manner where available
  • Refund on said item(s)
  • Credit placed on account for future order

*Where an item is to be replaced, the original item must be returned in as much completion as possible for disposal by us. Opened drinks, ice-cream or other items that are supplied pre-packaged from the manufacturer will be ineligible for refund or replacement.

Missing items that are not on the order or have not been charged for will not be eligible for any refund, replacement or credit. If you have forgotten to order items you may require we will do our best to satisfy the delivery to you pending payment on arrival. Delivery charge may be due depending on location.

Online orders

Using our online ordering system is at the sole discretion of the customer and Pizza Island LTD will not be held accountable for any mistakes, intentional or otherwise to the customers delivery address information or order content.

If the customer is deemed to intentionally provide an inaccurate address to manipulate the minimum order requirement or avoid delivery charges the order may result in one of the following:

  • Extra charge placed on the order
  • Order being rejected
  • Attempted delivery to the wrong address will result in a re-delivery fee of £5 and extra charges to make the order up to the minimum required for free delivery or the current delivery charge, whichever is lower
Refusal of Orders

Pizza Island LTD reserve the right to cancel or refuse to accept any order for undisclosed reasons.

Abusing any of our systems and/or terms may result in your address and/or account being banned or blocked temporarily.

Claiming money back through a third party provider without contacting us through the correct procedure outlined above may result in future orders being rejected.

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