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Happy Hour
"Great discount during happy hour!"

What is happy hour and why?

Due to the current changes in the way we can do business and not being able to have as many staff as usual, it has put extra strain on certain busy periods of the day. As we're unable to assign extra staff in these times, we've been brainstorming solutions to improve our delivery times in busy periods.

After careful planning we're going to be trialling a 'happy hour', which means between the hours of 7:30pm and 8:30pm you'll be able to get a MASSIVE 30% Off pizzas of all sizes on ONLINE orders.

Our prediction is that it will smooth out the curve of orders, improving delivery times between the hours of 5pm and 7pm where we are at our busiest and giving a boost to the time when we quieter, allowing us to maintain great service and delivery times the entire shift, all with the added bonus of a big discount during the hour

The Terms and Conditions

As with all orders, there are Terms and Conditions:

  • The happy hour discount cannot be used in conjunction with the Meal Deal Select. The best deal is calculated and automatically applied to your basket
  • Minimum spend (before discount is calculated) is £10
  • Discount is eligible only between the times stated
  • We reserve the right to cancel offers without reason or notice
  • This deal is for ONLINE orders only and cannot be processed over the phone
Why online only?

Some of our deals are online only so we can be more efficient in the kitchen. While we're on the phone taking orders and credit card details, that takes 1 person away from the kitchen. We always try and answer our calls for those customers that do not wish to order online, but some special deals will be online only for this reason.

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