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New Delivery Zones - Article

To make it clearer and easier we have changed our delivery 'towns/villages' to delivery zones

The service we provide is the most important thing here at Pizza Island, and in the interests of providing the best service we possibly can we've had to make some changes recently to our delivery service.

We used to handle delivery locations based on the name of the Town / Village. This could sometimes cause confusion as to where the exact location should be classed as, or a technicality that 'technically' most of the dengie penisula is under a 'Southminster' postcode, therefore we should deliver to Bradwell-on-Sea for the same minimum order value as we do to Southminster.

This is why we've now set up delivery zones as opposed to playing the postcode lottery. There is a reason we have to have varying minimum delivery values depending on distance and time it takes to drive there and back, and unfortunately if you live in an area that is a further away in time/distance or both, then logically you will have a higher minimum order value for free delivery, or higher delivery charge if you don't meet that criteria.

*Disclaimer* This is our first version of the 'zones' so they are liable to be changed and may not be 100% accurate. It is the decision of the management as to what classes as each zone, not to be dictated by a computer generated map.

Zone 1

Zone 1 includes the majority of Burnham-on-Crouch and is the lowest teir for free delivery. At the time of writing this article, orders in zone 1 have absolutely no minimum order value for free delivery as long as cooked food is ordered. A delivery charge may be charged if you just order cold sides.

Zone 2

Zone 2 includes the majority of Southminster, Althorne and a big chunk of the Marshes located near Burnham-on-Crouch.

Zone 3

Zone 3 includes the majority of Mayland and Latchindon, extending out in to the Marshes some more from zone 2

Zone 4

Zone 4 includes the majority of Asheldham and Steeple, extending out in to the Marshes some more from zone 3

Zone 5*

Zone 5 includes the majority of St Lawrence and Tillingham, extends a lot further out in to the Marshes and adds an extra zone completing the west side of Latchindon.

Zone 6*

Zone 6 Covers Bradwell-on-Sea and surrounding marsh land.

*Delivery Restrictions

You must be aware that although we list the towns and villages above, we may not always be able to deliver to this whole area, especially zones 5 and 6 at certain times for varying periods of time. Read more about this in our Dynamic Delivery Restrictions article

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